Primark PS… Nails

So I’m kind of over paying £20-£30 for a manicure, but also have terrible, weak nails that break all the time so like to have something to mask them! A few weeks ago I was admiring someone’s nails, and it turns out they were glue-on nails from Primark! I was SO impressed with how good they looked, I had to investigate!

The first thing I noticed when I hunted these down in the Sheffield was the price – £1-£2. These are an absolute BARG. There were so many styles and colours to choose from, and I first opted for a pointed marble-effect set and a square metallic set:

I have had glue-on nails before, with varying levels of success. The glue that comes with these is great – nice and strong, dries quickly and comes off your nails really easily. The longest a set has lasted for me without any of the nails having to be replaced is a week (this is obv dependent on how much you use your hands!) and there are plenty of nails in the set of varying sizes for a full set and replacements.

The pointed ones are a little too long for me (how anyone functions with talons I have no idea!) but they are easy to cut down with nail clippers and shape with a normal nail file.

I am definitely more than happy to keep investing £1-£2 a week in these over my previous weekly mani for £27!

Katie xx

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