Getting beach body ready…with a broken rib

Obviously taken prior to breakage…please don’t try this if you’re injured!!

So last week my ABSOLUTE WORST NIGHTMARE came true, and we lost Colin 😒. He was stuck out in the torrential rain for 2 days before managing to make his way back home.

During the hours we spent searching for him both days, I managed to crack a rib (don’t ask). Although I initially wore this proudly as an indicator of the lengths I’d go to to save my beloved fur baby, it’s now getting pretty flipping annoying.

For anyone who’s broken, cracked or bruised a rib, you’ll know that DOING LITERALLY ANYTHING hurts. I tried to exercise for the first time in 2 weeks today and headed to the Pilates class I’m usually a regular at, but could barely do anything.

Ordinarily I’d just be a general slob for the 6 weeks I’ve been told it will take to recover. However myself and a couple of my besties are booking a last minute holiday tomorrow, and jetting off to the sunshine in 2 WEEKS. And like most girls, I am now having bikini body panic!!

So I’m going to have a little experiment and keep a diary of the exercises I am and am not able to do, and whether or not they’re successful, to help anyone else who might be recovering from an injury. And if any of you guys have any tips they’d be much appreciated!


It’s now almost 2 weeks since Mission Rescue Colin, and if anything the pain is getting worse. SO before I can start looking into working out properly I really need to get the pain under control.

I have been taking paracetamol with codeine, which really hasn’t made much difference at all. Today my GP prescribed co-codamol, so I’m going to give this a go starting today and hopefully it’ll really help the pain ease off. My manager at work also reckons that if you drink coffee when taking painkillers they take effect more quickly – no idea if this is true but I’m open to anything!


This week has been pretty rotten – struggling to sleep because of old ribbo and then taking painkillers that make me drowsy – so I’ve not been able to do much at all.

I headed back to Pilates today though, and it was definitely more successful than last week. Anything that involves lying down is still a no, but we adapted some of the exercises so I was at least able to do something! And it felt so good being able to work out again – even if only a little bit.

I focussed on leg exercises and stretches as anything upper body is very hit and miss at the moment, and brought my foam roller along to release tension when my rib got too painful and I had to rest for a bit. I hadn’t realised how tense I am all the time at the moment as I’m trying to avoid hurting myself even more!

This week’s class has definitely made me more confident than I’m getting there and able to do more than I was a couple of weeks ago, so I feel OK about hitting the gym tomorrow and seeing how much I can do.

Katie xx

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