2017 has got off to a cracking start! After nearly a year and a half of waiting (we bought each other tickets as Christmas presents in 2015!) Sam and I FINALLY saw Harry Potter and the Cursed Child and it totally exceeded my expectations!! Without giving anything away, it was totally magical, and a must see for all Potterheads!

Sam reached the grand old age of 29 and we celebrated in the Peak District and Kelham Island with his brothers and sisters, and with the lovely Kelham family! And in other family news, my side of the family welcomed a new member with the addition of Tilly the INSANELY CUTE cockapoo!

My lovely dance company moved studios and we’ve had a great time settling into our new home, welcoming some new faces and learning some fab new routines! And after nearly 7 years together I finally managed to drag Sam to Hull; not only where I was born and the majority of my mum’s side of the family live, but also the 2017 UK City of Culture!

How did you spend your January?

Katie xx

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