Nail inspo – Peaches and Pearls

I have been so lax with my nails recently, and finally got round to getting them done yesterday. I ordinarily just go for a gel polish in one colour (usually a taupe/nude). However the wonderful Alicia who did my nails totally inspired me to be more adventurous, and I love the results!

I initially opted for this lovely peach colour, which is nice and neutral and will go with everything. After admiring Alicia’s metallic accent nails we jazzed up my index finger and thumb with a rose gold glitter (anything rose gold is fine by me!)

Finally – and this is something I’d never normally do – but we went for a little bling embellishment on my ring fingers in the form of these cute little flowers with pearl centres. I was worried these would annoy me/constantly get caught on things, but so far so good!

I am so in love with the results, and am going to scour Pinterest for some autumnal nail art designs to try next!

Katie xx

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