Pandora Oriental Bloom Collection

I’m surprised I haven’t talked about Pandora’s Summer Collection yet! I love their new designs every season, and have been eyeing up the gorgeous Oriental Bloom collection ever since it hit stores!

This Summer’s designs are characterised by bright, contrasting red and blue tones and oriental patterns and motifs inspired by Asian culture. Think geometric shapes, exotic animals and plants and eye-catching colours.

Here are some of my favourite pieces from the collection:

  1. Oceanic starfish charm – £65.00
  2. Pink oriental blossom ring – £40.00
  3. Moments double woven bracelet in honeysuckle pink – £45.00
  4. Pink oriental blossom stud earrings – £35.00
  5. Tropical parrot pendant charm – £40.00
  6. Oriental fan charm – £55.00
  7. Shimmering ocean ring – £100.00
  8. Oriental blossom charm bangle – £90.00
  9. Orchid silver pendant – £40.00

Which is your favourite??

Katie xx

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