Baby oil is such an unassuming product and is often overlooked unless you are the parent of a tiny tot. However, this simple liquid is a staple in my daily beauty regime, and has loads of uses you may have been unaware of:

Eye makeup remover

Run out of your favourite micellar water? Fear not, as a little baby oil on a cotton pad will gently remove even the most stubborn eye makeup!

Tame your brows

A little baby oil on an eyebrow brush is a quick and easy way to tame and shape your brows in the morning.

Kissable lips

Create a DIY lip exfoliator with a teaspoon of oil, a couple of drops of lemon juice and about half a teaspoon of sugar. Mix this all together and massage onto your lips for 2-3 minutes for soft, pink, kissable lips.

Moisturising massage

Apply baby oil straight after you shower for smooth and hydrated skin. The oil also warms while you apply it, so is perfect for a stress-busting massage.

Remove residual wax

If you use at-home wax strips, you will be well aware of the nightmare that is residual wax! To get rid of the stickiness, massage in a little baby oil and then wipe clean.

Combat under eye circles

Eyes carrying a little excess baggage? Massage a couple of drops of baby oil to the under eye area for 1-2 minutes, and then wipe away the excess to look bright eyed and bushy tailed!

Beauty bath

Add a couple of drops of baby oil to your bubble bath for a super-moisturising soak.

Shave away

Baby oil is a great alternative to shaving foam. It softens the hair, reducing friction and allowing your razor to glide over your skin, and locks in moisture for perfectly smooth pins.

Beat shaving bumps

Those pesky bumps you get under your arms after shaving are so unsightly, and sometimes painful. To sooth them and stop them worsening, rub a little baby oil into the affected area.

 Stop blisters in their tracks

If your shoes are rubbing, get in there quick before a painful blister develops! Just rub a little baby oil where the skin is pink and your shoe is rubbing and the pain will ease, and you will have avoided a horrible blister!

If you have any other uses for baby oil, I’d love to hear them!

Katie xx

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