Happy Blogiversary!

Until I looked back through some of my old posts today I had no clue that it is Katie Scarlett’s First Blogiversary!! So I definitely needed to mark the occasion with a post ☺️! 

This past year has absolutely flown. So what have I learnt from my little fledgling blog?

1. I still don’t know what I want to write about

But that’s ok! I have so many things that interest and inspire me – beauty, travel, fashion, dance – and initially I was keen to pick ONE of these to stick to…but I love writing about all aspects of my life! So I’ve learnt to write about whatever feels right at the time, and if people want to read my posts that’s great!

2. Regular blogging takes time and dedication

And is something that I’ve not mastered yet! I’d love to set a few days a week to write regular posts, but between my jobs, home life and hobbies that simply hasn’t been practical. So far I write and post ideas as and when they pop up, but I have so much admiration for people that invest real time and effort into their blogs – the ideas, the way they present themselves – and I’m definitely going to try and put more planning and structure into my blog.

Katie Scarlett xx


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