Learn to Cook – Mushroom Risotto

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m an absolutely terrible cook. So I’ve decided to attempt to hone my (currently non-existent!) skills and try to attempt some new (easy!) recipes!

And my first attempt hasn’t gone too badly at all! Here is my super easy mushroom risotto!


If I can cook this, absolutely anyone can! You can find the recipe here 😊

If you have any tips, or super easy recipes I could try, I’d love to hear them!

Katie Scarlett xx


2 thoughts on “Learn to Cook – Mushroom Risotto

  1. Tania says:

    I usually fry/cook anything I’m putting in my risotto separately and make a plain white risotto to start with (Jamie Oliver has a great recipe) and leave it to stand for a minute after you’ve stirred in butter plus any ingredients, helps make it creamier. Well done though, that sounds lovely especially for a first attempt.

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