Warm Lemon Water – Fab or Fad?

We’ve all heard the hundreds of stories and seen the thousands of articles strewn all over the Internet lauding the benefits of drinking warm lemon water. It’s supposedly good for your immune system, digestive system, skin…celebs such as Gywneth Paltrow and Beyoncé swear by it…but are there any actual scientific benefits of drinking warm lemon water every day, or is it just a myth?

This article from The Telegraph is dubious, so I’ve decided to try it myself to see if I look or feel any better following a Lemon Water Detox! I have been needing to cut down on the caffeine for a while, so if there really are any legitimate health benefits, what better alternative than this?! (And it’s the perfect excuse to start using my new Bobble Hot!!) 


I’m going to give this a month, and will report back to let you know how I’ve got on! In the meantime, if anyone else has tried this I’d love to know whether it made you feel fab, or you think it’s just a fad?

Katie Scarlett xx


11 thoughts on “Warm Lemon Water – Fab or Fad?

  1. Hudda. says:

    Drink it with a straw. You don’t want to damage your enamel since lemon is acidic. 🙂 – advice from a dentist to be.

    I’m going to start this from today as well :’) good luck!

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