Bella Italia and The Wedding of the Year!

So I definitely failed on the keeping-on-top-of-the-blog front, so again – apologies!! But I’ve had an absolutely glorious week, and am relaxed, refreshed and ready to get back on it!!

We had an amazing 5 days staying with our neighbours in their second home in Triora. This is a gorgeous rural community high up in the mountains. The scenery was absolutely breathtaking, the locals were so welcoming and the FOOD…just incredible!!

A definite highlight was heading down the mountain to the Laghetto dei Noci  – a beautiful (albeit FREEZING!) mountain lagoon complete with dragonflies and butterflies. It was just perfection!

I’ll pop the full holiday spam over on the Facebook page if you fancy a little gander,  or check out my Instagram @hikatiescarlett 😊

However the icing on the cake this week was seeing the gorgeous ClareBear tie the knot!! It was a PERFECT day, and it was so lovely to see all of the planning and preparation materialise into something so beautiful!

I wish I could see these gorgeous girlies more often, and miss our lovely little Leeds home so much! But we’ve made a pact to organise more fun outings and playdates, so I look forward to more adventures in the future!

That’s probably enough gushing for one post, and I’ll be back to business tomorrow with the next Colour of the Week tomorrow!

Katie Scarlett xx


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