Chocolate Hangover?

Easter is over for another year, and I’ve just polished off the last of my Easter choccies 😭 I’ve been thoroughly spoiled with various eggs and chocolate animal shapes (Malteaster Bunny – come at me) HOWEVER my favourite was a new discovery, and what’s more is sold all year round! This could be dangerous…

My best friend Joanna bought me these little beauties, and they are phenomenal!

When we were younger my friends and I used to LIVE in Thorntons, and chocolate plaques with personalised messages iced on were a regular feature for birthdays and Christmas. However, I haven’t been in Thorntons for YEARS, so was totally oblivious to the existence of these little lovelies!

The Caramel Cheesecake bar is lush caramel-flavoured Thorntons chocolate filled with biscuit, fudge pieces and has a tangy hint of sea salt. The Fudge Brownie bar is toffee flavoured choc with fudge pieces and crumbley chocolate biscuity bits.

Both are absolutely GORGEOUS, and not too expensive for an indulgent treat. If you haven’t yet I definitely recommend giving them a try, and there’s loooads of flavours to choose from!

What’s your Easter chocolate winner?

Katie Scarlett xx


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