You’re never too old to try something new…

…and for me that something new is gymnastics! I’ve always been absolutely fascinated by gymnastics – and also absolutely terrified to give it a go! I did briefly take classes in my teens, but was always too scared to really go for it and learn new skills; something I have regretted for a while.

SO, at the grand old age of 25, I decided to give it another shot!! I have only managed to make it to about 5 sessions since I started in October, but I promised myself from the start I would NOT FEEL THE FEAR, and to see how far I could get with this attitude!

And I have to say, so far so good! 5 sessions in and I’m already managing little tumbling sequences and am excited to see what else I can learn!

My body is not quite handling the workout as well as it did when I was a teen…despite dancing 4 times a week, the morning after gymnastics (and for a good few days after!) I simply cannot move! But I’m hoping this is just the teething process and my muscles will soon get used to this mean (but amazingly fun!) workout!

Check out this video for some snippets of my progress so far ☺️

KS xx


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