Hi everyone,

I’m so sorry I’ve been pretty absent on here and on social media. This year has been truly awful for losing people expectedly and unexpectedly, and all far too young. Things like this really make you re-evaluate what’s important, and drive home that life really is short. As a consequence, Sam and I have also parted ways after 8 years, but we still remain great friends.

So I’ve been sorting my life out, finding somewhere to live and finding my feet as an independent woman. Colin and I moved into our gorgeous little flat last week and, following a few teething issues, are now settled and absolutely in love with our new home. I’ve never lived on my own, and it’s something I was utterly terrified to do, but it has been so liberating. I am cheating slightly by having little Col to keep me company, but it’s so nice having a space that is completely my own, being able to make decisions without having to consider another person, being able to do, watch and listen to what I want, and not having to tidy up after another human!

Thanks so much to everyone that has been there and reached out even in the tiniest way, it really is so appreciated, and normal service will resume on here imminently!

Lots of Love,

Katie and Colin xxx


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