I have recently become embarrassingly lax with my shaving routine, however now we are in bikini/skirt weather I really need to up my game. I have been using this diabolical piece of equipment I found in Sam’s bathroom for far too long, and after being endlessly nicked by the blunt blade I decided enough was enough.

I had heard of Friction Free Shavingand stumbled upon an offer on O2 Priority for a FREE razor and figured there’s no better incentive than that! You still have to pay £3.95 for postage and packaging, but with the prices of razors being what they are that really is nothing.

I am a total sucker for anything rose gold too, so was instantly attracted to this one (also available in silver!) The razor arrived through my letterbox a few days after I placed my order and I legitimately hopped straight in the bath to give it a whirl as soon as it arrived!

Not only does the razor look and feel GREAT, but I swear this is the first time I have ever shaved and not nicked myself ONCE. I’m hoping this means I can wave a permanent goodbye to shaving bumps and rashes! The razor operates sooo smoothly; it was a total dream to use. Even on my bikini area there was no sensitivity or reaction to the blade.

In order to keep your shaving routine this painless, FFS is a subscription service in which you receive a new blade through your letterbox once a week or fortnight (depending on how often you shave).

I honestly can’t recommend this enough, and shaving is not only no longer a chore, but I actually enjoy it now!

If you are also on O2, you can grab the offer here.

Katie xx


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