Mothers Day is just round the corner – 11 March in fact! Mummy Scarlett always has an influx of gifts at this time of year as her birthday is always near to – or sometimes even on! – Mothers Day. However this year she is off travelling New Zealand so will have to wait until the end of April for her pressies!

Sometimes I like to get a few little gifts, or sometimes one big present for both occasions. Here are a few of my favourite go-to gifts, and also some new discoveries that I am absolutely loving!



I love Pandora, my mum loves Pandora…EVERYONE LOVES PANDORA. Every year a special collection is released to celebrate our wonderful mummies, and here are a few of my favourites:

My mum’s charm bracelet is getting a little full, so for her last birthday I got a little earring and necklace set from Pandora that went down a storm! And with her birthday being in March, the Pandora birthstone collection (which I LOVE) is an option too!

Michael Kors

Anything by Michael Kors is fine by me! The watches are STUNNING, and I’ve only recently introduced myself to the jewellery ranges – think contemporary designs in classic metallic colours and you’ve got the right idea! Here are some of my faves:

Ted Baker

Who doesn’t love a bit of Ted Baker? Whether it’s shoes, handbags, dresses or jewellery, Ted always delivers. Here are some of my top picks for a very happy Mummy (yes I do still call my Mum Mummy!)


Sanctuary Spa

My mum and I differ quite a lot in the bath and beauty products that we like, but we do both love Sanctuary Spa! There are loads of lovely gift sets and individual products that always smell divine and are perfect for an indulgent pampering sesh.


I first discovered Cowshed in one of my Birchboxes and instantly fell in love! They have gorgeous products with tongue-in-cheek names to suit your mood. There’s knackered cow with relaxing fragrances for on-the-go mums, grumpy cow with uplifting fragrances for stressed out mums, gorgeous cow to leave your mum feeling pampered and blissful and loads more!


My mum is a bit of a technophobe, but she has recently got a FitBit that she is OBSESSED with, and I love discovering new girly gadgets! Here are a few that I would love to get my hands on, and are perfect for gadget-loving mums!


To help mum keep on top of her busy lifestyle, there are loads of gorgeous little stationary sets and notebooks out there – some of which can be personalised for that extra special touch! Here are some of my favourites:


My mum absolutely loves bits and bobs for her home. She’s a complete candle obsessive, and loves little trinkets and decor to really make her space her own. There are so many gorgeous homeware bits out there so here’s just a tiny snippet of what’s on offer


Who doesn’t love getting a lovely bunch of flowers?! There’s so many great florists and companies that deliver flowers, but if I can’t find what I’m looking for my go-to is always Marks and Spencer. They always have loads of beautiful bouquets, and you can get them delivered with other treats like choccies and fizz too.

And last but not least…

Of course the day isn’t all about spending money and buying presents! Spending time together and showing your mum that you love and appreciate her is of course the most important part of Mothers Day (Although I’m sure my mum would argue a little chocolate to go along with that wouldn’t hurt..!)

Katie xx


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