I sometimes find it so so hard to relax and get to sleep. I am tense pretty much all of the time, and sometimes lie awake for hours desperately trying to get some shut eye. However the harder you try, the more awake you seem to be!

Recently I have started Hot Yoga in the evenings, and that has really helped me get into a nice chilled headspace before bedtime. However I can’t get myself to the yoga studio every day, so I thought I’d share some of my other little hints and tricks for a restful night’s sleep.


I find this soooo hard to stick to as there’s always so much else going on and so many distractions, but if I really concentrate on winding down before bed it definitely helps me sleep better. A bubble bath is a sure fire way to get me in the right mindset for sleep, and a little bit of pampering really helps me relax. This can be something as little as cleansing and moisturising my face (something that I sometimes neglect if I haven’t been wearing makeup all day.)

Tired eyes

I also often get quite tired and/or itchy eyes, so anything that’s going to cool and soothe them is right up my alley. I’ve been on the hunt for a gel eye mask for a while, and have finally come across the Thera Pearl Mask from Feel Good Contacts. Unlike some other gel masks this can be used hot or cold depending on how you’re feeling, and as well as fighting the old puffiness and dark circles this also feels soooo good to strap to your forehead if you’ve got a bit of a headache (or a raging hangover).

Soothing eye gels and creams are also a godsend, and in my opinion the cooler the better! I am obsessed with the Multi-Active Instant Eye Reviver from Clarins and Icy Magic from Polaar, both of which have lovely cool metal applicators that instantly make your eyes feel soothed.

Candles and cocoa

Bright lighting is not AT ALL conducive to sleep, so at bedtime (and also at pretty much any other time during the day) I like to light a few candles, make a mug of cocoa and snuggle into bed and relax. My faaaave fragrance for my bedroom is from Primark of all places! These lovely Vintage Blossom candles smell of lily and honeysuckle and come in both little and large tealight form (and are pink, which is always a bonus).

Be tech-free

Looking at my phone is the absolute worst thing I can do if I’m trying to get to sleep, so I’m trying really hard to put my phone out of reach when I’m in bed and and to settle down with a good book. At the moment I am looooving After You – the sequel to Me Before You. Reading definitely gets me in the mood for sleep, as long as I can actually put the book down!!

Last resorts

I’ve also tried quite a lot of pillow and sleep sprays to see if they’ll help send me off to the Land of Nod. I’m not a huge fan of the scent of lavender (which they all smell of) but do spritz a little onto my pillows if I’ve had a particularly stressful day. I’m not sure if it works or not, but there’s certainly no harm in trying!

Or if I really REALLY can’t get to sleep the dulcet tones of Stephen Fry reading the Harry Potter audio books are always a winner! (And this isn’t really a last resort, as I absolutely blinking love Potter!)


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