Happy New Year everyone! I hope you’ve had the most fantastic festive season – I’ve loved pootling up and down the country seeing family and friends (some of whom I haven’t seen for so long!)

For 2018, I am not so much going to make resolutions (because I never ever stick to them) but there are some things I am going to try to do to have a happier and healthier year:

Friends: Quality not Quantity

I am completely blessed to have so many amazing friends. But there are only so many hours in the day, and I really want to focus this year on nurturing the relationships that are real. Fake friends I really have no time for – those that only give you the time of day when they have something to gain; those that talk AT you instead of having a conversation WITH you; and those that you feel down or drained after seeing – but removing yourself from these situations is so difficult.

I have spent so much time on fake relationships in the past either because I feel guilty, obliged to or because of FOMO (stupidest reason ever!) but life really is far too short. The hardest thing about removing yourself from toxic relationships is that often these people have no idea of the effect they are having on others, so distancing yourself might come completely out of the blue and seem unjustified in their eyes. However you really do have to look after yourself, and taking yourself out of negative situations and relationships is a part of that.

More books, less phone

I SPEND SO MUCH TIME ON MY BLINKING PHONE. Yes, I love it, but also feel like I’ve lost a limb when I don’t have it and have become so dependent on it. Plus, the majority of the time I am looking at or reading utter rubbish. So I am going to try to substitute in reading (or anything else productive or creative really) over spending time vegetating, staring at my phone. I’m going to try to be especially strict at bedtime as I am positive scrolling through my phone in bed is one of the main reasons I struggle to get to sleep. Buying an alarm clock might be Step One for this so it’s not on my bedside table staring at me!

I’m also notoriously bad at using my phone at the table/in restaurants/during conversations and this is SO RUDE. This is quite often used as a tactic to avoid the aforementioned toxic people, but I really must nip this in the bud with family and friends, and stop putting myself in situations where I’d rather be on my phone than with the people I’m with!

Spend less money

I say this EVERY year, but I really really am going to get myself into a bit of a pickle if I do not rein in the spending! So this year I am going to live within my means (mostly because I no longer have the option of overspending!) This is going to mean saying no to things – which I am SO BAD AT (FOMO) – and budgeting properly for the first time in my life. So here’s to being a proper grown-up in 2018!

Katie xx



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