I have seen these Primark face masks allll over Instagram recently, so naturally had to make a trip to my local Primarni to stock up and try them myself!

There were 6 to choose from in the Sheffield store, all of which were £3. I opted for:

  • Holler Back Illuminating Mask
  • Holler Back Hydrating Mask
  • Royal Prep Calming Mask

So far I have only tried two of the masks – Royal Prep and Holler Back Hydrating. I didn’t notice much difference in the formulas, but there was PLENTY of serum in both sachets and the masks were lovely and cooling. The designs on the masks were neither here nor there for me, but definitely make them more Instagram-worthy than plain white sheet masks! They both fitted my face well and stayed put (although I was only sat watching the X Factor so there wasn’t much chance for them to slip!)

After 15mins was up I removed the mask and wiped away the excess serum. I’m not convinced either of the masks did anything for my skin, but they were nice to wear, made my face feel cooled and made me feel relaxed – I think this is more the result of just taking some me-time – but at only £3 I’d say they’re worth the 15mins of relaxation, and I would buy them again!

Whilst in Primark I also picked up a Super Food Orange & Sugar Exfoliating Lip Scrub (£2) which I LOVE – it smells amazing and makes my lips feel divine – and a couple of bits from their new peachy make up range that I am excited to try!

Katie xx

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