I do really love receiving my monthly BirchBox – I love discovering new beauty brands and treats! However I’ve got to a stage where I have loads of unused samples, and some of the best things I’ve received are gone so quickly because of the size of the samples.

SO I’ve decided to spend the money I would spend on my subscription at TK Maxx! A few times I’ve seen full sizes of some of the products I’ve got in my Birchbox for ridiculously cheap prices, and there’s plenty of other brands to discover. And BEST OF ALL, all of the products are full size, and sometimes super size!

The first thing I am running low on – and love getting in my Birchbox – are shower gels and body lotions. I definitely picked these beauties by Rose and Co. because of their adorable packaging. I was a bit concerned that the fragrances might be a bit sickly sweet, but so far so good!

  • Patisserie de Bain Strawberry Cupcake Bath and Shower Creme – £2.99
  • Patisserie de Bain Lemon Bon-Bon Hand and Body Lotion – £2.99

Next up I got this huuuuge rose neroli shower gel by Fissi Firenze – who specialise in handmade Tuscan soaps – and a set of 2 massage sponges. The shower gel smells AMAZING. It doesn’t lather up quite as well as some of my other shower gels, but I think that might be down to it being all natural ingredients (all products are dermatologically tested and do not contain parabens, silicones and colorants). It’s also packed with olive oil, which is great for dry skin (one of my main skin complaints).

I probably replace my shower sponges more than I need to, so I love to have spares to hand! These are lovely and soft, and feel so much nicer than the usual net sponges.

  • Fissi Firenze Rosa Neroli Shower Gel – £3.99
  • Shower Massage Sponges – £2.99

I also love trying out new beauty tools, and have been wanting to try a silicone beauty blender for aaaages! I love my trusty sponge beauty blender, but it does absorb the majority of my foundation which is such a waste! Silicone blenders on the other hand don’t absorb any makeup, meaning  more coverage with less product.

So I picked up this little beauty by The Creme Shop. I did find this a little tricky to use at first – if you go at it as you would with a normal sponge you will be left with a total mess! However if you apply a tiny bit of foundation to the sponge and then dab gently onto your face the effect is fab!

  • The Creme Shop 3D Silicone Classic Blending Sponge – £4.99

I am so happy with all of my purchases, am liking that they aren’t teeny tiny samples and LOVING that I can pick and choose products and brands freely, while still discovering new things.

Katie xx

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