I haven’t done a Netflix top list for a while – partly because some of my favourite shows at the moment aren’t on Netflix! So this time I’m going to give you the rundown of all of my favourite shows from alllll of the channels.

Game of Thrones

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If you haven’t yet been sucked in by the GoT hype, I CANNOT EVEN BEGIN TO EXPRESS IN WORDS what you are missing! It is quite literally the best thing I have ever ever watched. The most recent season in particular has been JUST INSANE.

Famous in Love

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After Pretty Little Liars ended this year (with an underwhelming conclusion) I have been waiting for another YA series to fill this gap. Famous in Love, starring Bella Thorne, does just that. It has the same exec producer as PLL, and tells the story of Paige Townsen living out every girls dream of being plucked from obscurity to star in a major Hollywood blockbuster. It is suitably filled with romance, fitties and drama, and is the perfect series for a girly night in!

Life of Kylie


This series has received a LOT of flack, but I love it! It’s easy to forget Kylie Jenner is just NINETEEN years old, and lives in the most insane world of fame and fortune. I’m loving this insight into the life of the kid behind the Lip Kits, and seeing a bit more of the ‘real’ Kylie Jenner.

Top of the Lake


I watched (and was totally hooked by) the first Top of the Lake series back in 2013. The fact that there was a second series flew totally under my radar until I saw a trailer for it in the cinema (which is a little strange for a BBC series!) However it jogged my memory of the fantastic first series (which I had honestly totally forgotten about!) and did not disappoint! If you’re looking for a gripping, intriguing series, this is for you.

Dance Moms

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Like pretty much every other dancer, I am OBSESSED with Dance Moms! After only discovering the series this year, I have flown through all seven seasons and CANNOT GET ENOUGH OF IT. The talent. The routines. The DRAMA. L-O-V-E.

What are you watching RN?

Katie xx

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