Here are 8 little things that are making me smile RN ☺️:

  • Rainy Days. This might sound a bit bizarre to some people, but I absolutely love snuggling up on my balcony with a cup of tea watching the rain fall on the river. It is the most hyggelig thing.
  • Reunions. Seeing friends and family that I haven’t seen for so long (sometimes YEARS) and being able to click straight back together like we’ve never been apart. Such a lovely feeling.
  • My Bed. Is literally my favourite place to be. I am such a snuggle bunny. Or just incredibly lazy.
  • Rediscovering old hobbies. When I was younger I used to love reading, drawing and painting. Starting the Book Club has reignited my love of reading, and I attended an exhibition at The Art House in Sheffield this month and was inspired to sign up to a few classes that I’m so excited to start in the Autumn!
  • Discovering new places. The Cat Cafe, the new Light Cinema in Sheffield and Ecclesall Park are just some of the fab new places I’ve discovered recently. I have my go-to favourite bars, places and restaurants, but nothing beats the excitement of finding a new fave!
  • Flowers. It’s amazing what a difference a bunch of flowers can make to your home, and mood! They don’t even need to be expensive, I love using beautiful blooms to make my home feel more alive.
  • Animals. My little CollyBob will always been my one and only, and I have made friends with so many other cuties this month – all of the gorgeous kitties in the Cat Cafe, Rosie the beautiful collie puppy and the ridiculously adorable pug puppies Bella and Monty!

Katie xx

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