After following its progress for MONTHS on Facebook, the Sheffield Cat Cafe finally opened its doors last weekend! As you are all well aware I am a totally unashamed cat fanatic – I LOVE THEM – and I have been wanting to visit a cat cafe ever since I saw the first ones emerging on YouTube. And to have one right on my doorstep is the DREAM.

The cafe itself is just perfection – lovely and rustic and full of cat trees, cat jungles, cushions and toys. If Sam would let me this is exactly what my living room at home would look like!

There are nine gorgeous cats at the cafe – all rescue cats – and I was so taken aback by how friendly they all are and how well they all get on together! If Colin so much as sees another cat he freaks!

I immediately fell in love with Odin – a little black cat with only one eye. She was just the sweetest, most snuggly little thing!

There was such a mix of playful, sleepy, snuggly and sassy kitties. Sam’s personal fave was a fluffy ginger Tom called Olaf, who has the most amazing ear whiskers and looks constantly surprised.

Some of the people we were with were a tad concerned about eating in the cat cafe, but the hygiene standards were impeccable (not an issue for me – I’m used to having Colin hair in my tea..!) The little cafe served drinks and the most delish cakes – I am a total sucker for carrot cake and this was honestly one of the best I’ve tasted.

While we were there the owner was talking about a potential kitty sleepover, which I am 100% down for!! 90 mins with these little cuties was not long enough!

I fully intend to make visiting these gorgeous meows a weekly (if not daily) occurrence..! 😹😻

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Katie xx


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