Last year I was really hot on keeping a Happiness Diary. Every day I’d sit, reflect on my day and make a note of things that made me smile, I was grateful for and made me happy. However I’ve totally fallen off the bandwagon with it, so have decided to make it a regular feature on this blog! (Not least so I don’t keep forgetting!)

So here goes!

  • HAVING COLIN BACK. Honestly, that cat is like my child, and not knowing where he was or if he was OK was the worst feeling. I am SO SO happy to have him back, and in one piece!
  • Making new friends. Don’t you just LOVE when you and someone you’ve never ever met before just click instantly? That’s happened a couple of times recently, and has resulted in some of the best conversations and biggest belly laughs I’ve had in ages!
  • BBQs. I FLIPPING LOVE BBQs!! Getting together in the sunshine with friends, family and amazing food; nothing beats it. And at the moment with the gloooorious weather we’re having, they’re becoming a weekly occurrence. VERY happy about that.
  • Love Island. OBSESSED. And is it wrong that I think Cash is a great baby name?
  • Books. After years of telling myself I ‘don’t have time to read’, I have started MAKING time, and have discovered some blinking brilliant reads. At the moment I am nearing the end of The Girl With All The Gifts – if you haven’t read this DO IT. NOW.
  • Dining Table. This is a really sad boring adult one, but after eating off our laps for 4 years Sam and I have FINALLY ordered a dining table! And it’s a fantastic, rustic number made of reclaimed wood – if it were possible to be in love with an inanimate object (which I think it definitely is) those are my feelings towards it. And I’ve not even met it yet.

What’s put a smile on your face recently? 😊 (And yes, I did realise that sounded filthy as soon as I typed it…🙄)

Katie xx

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