So SO excited that BBQ season is finally here!! I’ve grabbed every opportunity humanly possible to get out in the sunshine and light the grill – I’m so keen that we even had an impromptu BBQ in the rain 🙈!!

May also brought with it the Annual Eurovision Extravaganza! I love hosting this party every year, and it was a great excuse to get dressed up and meet some of our lovely new neighbours ☺️.

We also FIIIINALLY started on the new series of RuPaul’s Drag Race! My neighbours Danny and Ady hosted Squirrel Friend Sunday, and we all got dragged up to the nines and binged on the first 3 episodes (I am 100% Team Valentina!)

Here’s a few of my favourites and most-liked, and you can see the full picture over on Instagram 😉.

Katie xx

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