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The sharp rise in terrorist incidents in the UK – and around the world – recently has been shocking. Sometimes these events – especially those that happen farther afield – can be beyond my realm of comprehension and understanding. However the events of 22 May at Manchester Arena really shook me to my core.

I was due to take my little sister to see the Dangerous Woman tour in London the Friday after the incident, but obviously and understandably these dates were cancelled. All acts of terror are abhorrent, but that someone could target families and children at a pop concert – one that I was due to attend – really was a little too close to home for me.

I will admit that I did feel scared, and did change my plans following the incident. However the One Love Manchester concert yesterday changed that, and was the ultimate and best response to this horrific event. It was such an amazing display of love, hope, unity and strength, and the perfect way to remember and celebrate the lives of those that were taken too soon.

It really inspired me to change my reaction to these events. We cannot be afraid, or change our lives or plans because this small minority wants us to. We must be stronger, braver and more unified. I urge you all to do something every day that sends love into the world – smile at a stranger, reach out to a friend or loved one, give blood – anything at all to spread kindness, love and strength.

Love will always win.

Katie xx

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