This week is Mental Health Awareness Week. Last week I learned the shocking statistic that only 13% of people are reported as living with high levels of good mental health. So if you think you are not one of these people, you are DEFINITELY not alone!

2 years ago I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression. Prior to me being diagnosed I was in a really low place – I cut myself off from everyone I knew and loved, I stopped doing the things I enjoyed, at one point I stopped leaving the house altogether.

Eventually I finally sought help and counselling. Speaking to someone – ANYONE, it can be a counsellor, close friend or family member, anyone at all – really helps to lift the weight, helps you to start to improve your mental health, and most importantly helps you to realise you’re not alone. It’s ok not to be ok.

During a presentation at work yesterday I was shown these 10 tips for improving your mental wellbeing, and I really like them. Any one of these little tips can make a big difference in improving your mental health, so you can start not just surviving, but THRIVING in your life.

If anyone wants to talk about their experiences but doesn’t know who to turn to, please do get in touch ☺️ I am always happy to be a listening ear, a shoulder to cry on and to share experiences.


Katie xx

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