I’m aware that Spring is just around the corner, however I am very much still in hibernation mode and intend to keep these cosy fragrances going as long as I can!

I absolutely love candles and reed diffusers – anything to make my little home smell amazing! I like to have a different fragrance for each room, and here’s what I’ve been using over the Winter season:

Next Dark Amber Reed Diffuser


A sensual fragrance that combines vibrant spices of ginger and cardamom with black orchid and lily over waves of amber and precious woods.

I bought this diffuser to freshen up Sam’s (filthy man) bathroom what must have been 2 years ago…I have no clue if there’s anything left in the bottle but this is still giving off a fragrance! We’ve had it so long that the packaging and bottle have totally changed (it is now glass as opposed to black and gold) so if this is anything to go by it would appear that the Next fragrances last FOREVER.

This is a lovely warm spicy fragrance that’s perfect for getting cosy in winter. This diffuser comes in two sizes – 70ml (£6.50) and 200ml (£16.oo) – and is also available as a candle (£5.00).

Zoella Seaside Stroll Reed Diffuser


The scent of fresh air and ocean mist will leave you feeling like you’re beside the sea no matter where you are. A sunny seaside walk in a bottle!

I’ve talked about this fragrance before (in this post), and this is still the same diffuser from the original post! The post was written 5 months ago and it’s still going strong; I reckon this will easily make the 6 month mark before it needs replacing.

The fresh clean scent of this diffuser is just perfect for making your bathroom smell amazing! It really does smell just like a seaside breeze, bringing a fresh outdoor fragrance into your home.

This little lovely is £12.00, and also comes as a candle (although I’ve found the candles don’t last nearly as long and don’t give off a constant fragrance like the diffusers.)

Zoella Homemade Treats Reed Diffuser


Softly whipped buttercream and gooey salted caramel drizzled over home baked cupcakes. Bring some indulgence to your home with this delicious scent; (almost) good enough to eat!

The second fragrance from the Zoella collection that I’ve been using over the Winter period; this was not at all what I was expecting, but I’m kind of glad! I thought this would smell like cupcakes, however this has a strong, almost boozy scent (which I love, but may not be your cup of tea..!)

You can definitely smell the salted caramel, and the other scent that comes across smells very much like Baileys. So if you’re a fan of tipple, you’ll love this – if not I’d probably steer clear!

Like the previous diffuser, this is £12.00 and comes as a candle too.

Partylite Autumn Leaves Votives


Sunlit leaves meld with cinnamon bark to create a woody, spicy setting for sweet autumn apples and berries.

Although these are billed as an Autumn fragrance (they featured heavily in my Autumn Scents post!) I’ve been burning these since September and I cannot get enough of them!! These cosy candles smell of warm apple and cinnamon, and I’ve stocked up on enough to keep me going all the way until next Autumn when they come back in stock!

As with most PartyLite candles, these can be bought as tealights, votives, pillar or jar candles; all of which smell amazing even when they’re not burning and last so much longer than other candles I’ve owned.

Sheffield Candle Company Dark Roast Coffee Container Candles


This does exactly what it says on this tin! I have been searching for a coffee-scented candle for AGES, and happened upon a stall run by the Sheffield Candle Co. at a pop-up market in a restaurant near our apartment. Low and behold, they had coffee candles (plus loads of other scrummy offerings including home-baked bread and cherry bakewell flavours!)

I love the fact that with container candles you can simply pop on the lid and carry them with you to burn anywhere (within reason..!) This is perfect for me as I work remotely, so can have the scrummy scent of freshly brewed coffee keeping me alert wherever I am!

These are available as small and large container candles, and also as glass jar candles.

What are your favourite fragrances for this time of year?

Katie xx

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