I can’t believe Christmas is next week!! We are spending Christmas with family this year, so I felt like I couldn’t justify spending a small fortune on Christmas decorations, however I needed SOMETHING to make our apartment feel festive!

I found some amazing cheap and easy DIY decorations on Pinterest, and here are my favourites!

1. Doily Christmas Trees

A beautiful craft for a white Christmas! Decorate your home with great homemade crafts with Walgreens.com!:

I love the effect of these paper doily christmas trees! The lacey patterned edging of the doilies is so pretty and the final decoration looks simple and elegant, and will fit with any colour scheme!

2. Wine glass candle display

Christmas-Dining-Table-decorating-ideas - Amazing Spaces: Blinds ...:

Who would’ve thought that turning a wine glass upside down and popping a tealight on it could look so effective! You can place anything under the wine glass – pine cones, sprigs of holly, mini baubles – for a festive finish. I especially love that this little idea can be adapted to suit any occasion, and you can use items you already have lying around the house!

3. Cotton ball snow

thread cotton balls to make falling snow! cuuute. Totally want to do this all over my room:

I’m always dreaming of a white christmas, and with this cotton ball falling snow you can have soft fluffy flurries in your own home! Simply thread cotton balls together and hang from the ceiling to create your own winter wonderland!

4. Bauble bunting

Hang favourite Christmas baubles on one thread across a hallway or doorframe. For like this, click the picture or see www.redonline.co.uk:

Christmas isn’t Christmas without baubles! We don’t really have enough room in our flat for a Christmas tree, so I love this bauble bunting alternative!

5. Music sheet christmas trees

Många har säkert sett de enkla men charmiga pappersgranar av klippta cirklar som en bloggare visade här . Själv har jag radat up...:

I adore these! They look so different and elegant, and you can personalise them with sheet music from your favourite festive songs! Sheet music can be easily found online, then fold the sheets in a concertina fashion, thread through a skewer and voila!

Happy decorating!

Katie xx

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