I have never even considered buying makeup in Primark before, but since the snazzy new Sheffield store opened (I have made an excuse to visit on an almost daily basis since it opened it’s doors) I decided to have a little peruse. The new store is GLORIOUS, and everything is beautifully displayed (unlike some other Primarks which are a NIGHTMARE!)

The makeup was conveniently right next to the checkout. I was immediately drawn to a pack of beauty blenders for £1.50 (significantly cheaper than the £16.00 original) and also came across these Velvet Matte Lipstick Crayons. I always opt for matte lipsticks, and adore the Clinique and No7 lip crayons, so couldn’t NOT pick these up; especially as they were a crazy cheap £2.00 each!

I opted for two nude shades to begin with – mushroom and nude beach (I wanted to assess the quality of the product first before splashing out on more daring colours!) I was immediately SO IMPRESSED. These crayons give a lovely strong solid colour even with the nude shades and a fab matte finish. And they have some real staying power – my first experiment even survived a sweaty gym session!

I really am so surprised at how good these are, and for such a cheap price – they are SO much less than the other products on the high street! I am 100% investing in more colours, and will definitely take a chance on some of the other Primark beauty products!

Katie xx

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