One of the things I most look forward to when Autumn arrives is the new, warm, spicy fragrances I can discover and fill my home with! My mum is a total Partylite addict – so much so that she’s started selling their products just to cover the costs of her own candle obsession! – so is always the first to know about the lovely new scents being released.

This year she came to my flat armed with three new autumnal fragrances – Golden Leaves, Spiced Pumpkin and Harvest Spice. First of all I love the warm orange colour of these candles, just looking at them makes me feel all cosy and snug!

My favourite fragrance of the three is definitely Autumn Leaves. The tealights are a lovely caramel-gold colour, and have a gorgeous, warm, sweet scent with hints of apple and cinnamon (I think…that’s definitely what I can smell!) I have these burning allll the time in my living room, and everyone that has visited so far has commented on how amazing they smell!

Another great thing about these candles is that they give off a strong fragrance, even when they’re not lit. I have some candles that I can barely smell at all even when they are burning, but that is definitely not the case with these! And the fragrance doesn’t seem to dull or fade – I have boxes of candles that my mum gave me over a year ago that still smell just as great as when I first got them – which makes them great for popping in drawers to make your clothes and undies smell amazing!

The second new autumnal fragrance is Spiced Pumpkin – which has replaced my all time favourite Pumpkin Apple Cider. I’m a tad gutted about this – the new fragrance isn’t quite as dreamy as the old – but it still definitely gets me in the Autumn mood! As the name suggests, this scent is a little spicier that the first, but I like that and it’s great for daytime burning. The spicy notes combined with sweet pumpkin are really lovely and make me feel all warm and toasty!

The final candle is the darkest in colour – a lovely deep orange – and is another spicy number. Harvest Spice has a less fruity fragrance than the other two, making it feel more grown up. The gorgeous mix of spices (I couldn’t tell you what they are, but they are scrummy!) create a lovely warm atmosphere, perfect for snuggling up in front of the TV in the evening.

Katie xx

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