For those of you that haven’t already met my gorgeous monkey, this is Colin (Creevey…my boyfriend and I are mad Harry Potter fans!) I adopted Colin 2 years ago from a lady at work whose cat unexpectedly fell pregnant, and she had 5 beautiful babies that were looking for homes. Photos of the kittens were circulated around the office and I fell in love instantly!

Colin is now coming up to his third birthday, but he is still a kitten at heart and loves new toys and gadgets to play with! Often their appeal is short lived, but Col cannot get enough of this fleecey tunnel from WilkoAt £3.00, this was an absolute bargain, and Colin sits in it CONSTANTLY. It also folds totally flat for the (very few!) times he’s not using it, so is so easy to tuck away in cupboards and drawers. It is definitely worth the investment!

What are your pets favourite toys?

Katie xx

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