Transport yourself to a summer’s day. The scent of wildflowers and luscious green grass fills the air as you tiptoe through the meadow.

This is the final little lovely in my current Zoella Lifestyle haul, but I definitely intend to invest in the other fragrances if the first three are anything to go by!

I was a little unsure about Daisy Picking at first – all I got initially was very strong GRASS – but now that it’s settled the diffuser is filling our home office with the lovely summery fresh scent of fields and wildflowers. Like Seaside Stroll, this scent is nice and gender-neutral, and my boyfriend doesn’t object at all to our shared office smelling like the English countryside on a Summer’s day!

This range has definitely inspired me to experiment with different scents – not just sticking to my go-to staples of fruity and floral – and I can’t wait to try the other three fragrances in the range!

Katie xx

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