The scent of fresh air and ocean mist will leave you feeling like you’re beside the sea no matter where you are. A sunny seaside walk in a bottle!

When choosing which fragrances to choose from the Zoella Lifestyle range I had to totally wing it – there’s no way to test the scents when you’re buying online – however description of Seaside Stroll sounded like the perfect scent to freshen up my bathroom!

I have looooads of candles in my bathroom at the moment, but wanted to try a reed diffuser for a continuous scent – the candles only really come into their own when lit and you can’t have flames going all the time!

I was a little unsure about the fragrance at first – it is VERY different to the fruity fig scents I usually have in my bathroom – however I popped it next to my sink and left it to work its magic.

Now every time I open my bathroom door I am met with the a gorgeous fresh scent. It’s quite difficult to put my finger on exactly what notes there are, but combined it definitely creates a sunny seaside vibe!

As this fragrance isn’t floral and fruity like my usual favourites even my boyfriend likes it, and has asked for one for his bathroom!

Look out for my thoughts on what reports claim to be Zoe’s favourite fragrance – Daisy Picking – tomorrow!

Katie xx

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