I am SO excited about this range!! I was obsessed with Star Trek as a child, and love that MAC have brought out a collection to commemorate 50 years of going boldly where no man (or woman) has gone before.

The collection is inspired by four of Star Trek’s female characters – Seven of Nine, Commander Deanna Troi, Nyota Uhura and Vina the Orion girl. You can expect bold, shimmery, ‘astral’ shades of eye, lip and nail products from this collection, perfect for creating unique, out-of-this-world looks!

The products I’m most excited about trying are the Trip The Light – Fantastic Powder which comes in three gorgeous shades (‘Highly Illogical’ I love just for the name!), and the Star Trek Lipsticks – particularly ‘LLAP’ and ‘Klingiton’.

See the full collection here!

Katie xx

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