The world has officially lost its chill over the new augmented reality Pokémon GO game! This free app has been an unprecedented success, and is the closest wannabe trainers can get to catching ’em all in the real world!

I downloaded the game yesterday, and have not been able to put it down! One of my favourite things about Pokémon GO is that you have to be active – getting out and about to find Pokémon and Pokéstops. Pokéstops can be found at local points of interest, and when you click on one as well as earning Pokéballs and various other goodies, it gives you information about the site. I have uncovered so many hidden gems – buildings, plaques, art and statues – on my morning commute that I otherwise would have been completely oblivious to!

The game had officially only released in the US, Australia and New Zealand; but here’s how UK iOS players can join the hype!

  1. Open the App Store, and head to the bottom of the ‘Featured’ page
  2. Click on your Apple ID, and click ‘Sign Out’
  3. Close the App Store
  4. Open your iPhone Settings
  5. Head to ‘General’, and then ‘Language & Region’
  6. Change your region to ‘United States’, and your language to ‘English (U.S.)’
  7. Close the Settings app
  8. Re-open the App Store and search for Pokémon GO
  9. Install the app. You will need to create a new Apple ID. Free U.S. addresses and telephone numbers can be easily found on Google. Leave the billing information blank.
  10. Close the app store, return your settings to normal and sign back into the App Store with your original Apple ID.
  11. Catch ’em all!!

Katie xx

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