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The arrival of a new baby is often seen as a blessing from the almighty in fact many cultures celebrate the birth of a child with great pomp. All of this is good until one has to take care of the baby, which is where the real test begins. Human offspring require a great degree of care and protection for the initial few years, in fact, humans are one of the few species which take so long to become independent from their parents. This caring and nourishment of children can often be an arduous task and requires a great deal of effort on the part of the parents.

Taking care of young children is a difficult task under normal circumstances; it becomes particularly difficult when you have to travel with a baby. The constant crying, wailing, change of diapers etc. all take a lot of time and effort. We’ve collected some tips to help the parents when they next take their baby on a flight with them.


It goes without saying that a bored child is more likely to create a mess than a busy one. To keep the child busy, you would want to bring a number of toys along and to keep the attention of the baby for longer periods, it is always a good idea to bring toys the baby is not familiar with. Instead of buying new toys, though, you can swap the toys with a friend so both your baby and your friends will have something to look forward to. To store the entire toys of your little champion in one place, use a durable bag from The North Face using these coupons.


Depending on the length of the flight, your baby is going to demand food multiple times and we all know what kind of a mess regular food can be! Instead of going through the usual route of feeding your baby with a spoon, a better option is to get snacks which can be directly sucked through the tube. There are different types of food available and these can save you a lot of mess and trouble.


Your baby and you both will require some form of entertainment to pass the time on a long flight. This could be the installation of a new game on your phone or save a movie on your tablet. Although very young babies won’t probably be interested in a game but they might be interested in watching an animated movie. Apart from bringing entertainment materials for the baby, you should also have something to entertain you which will ensure that you don’t accidently wake the baby up and put the entire trip in jeopardy – technology is your best friend here.


During a flight, you won’t have the time to do everything properly and change the entire clothes when it’s time to change the diaper. The child must wear light clothing which doesn’t need to be removed completely just to change the diaper.


Times have changed a lot since just a decade or two ago. These days’ even babies are required to be registered and get a boarding pass. You should call your airline or your travel agent to confirm this so you don’t have to worry about the paperwork when you’re at the airport with the baby traveling with you. This is especially important to remember when there are multiple legs to the flight.

Birth Certificate

Most airlines these days have started charging for babies over the age of two years and if your baby is healthy then you must be prepared for the airline company to ask for a proof of your child being below the age of two years.


During the booking of flight, if you get a chance of deciding between a layover of less than half an hour and more than half an hour then you should always go with the more than an hour option as it will give you time to change the diapers and replenish your supplies. Stretching out for a little while is not only good for you but it is also beneficial for the baby.

Go with the Flow

If you’ve followed our instructions for this long then you would bring a bag of toys with you on the flight but often what really happens is that the baby is not really interested in playing with the shiny new toys, in fact, they’re more into rotating the armrest or ripping your boarding passes apart. Now, this may sound counterproductive but you should actually go with the flow as that’ll help in keeping your baby calm which will ensure that you and your fellow passengers have a comfortable flight.

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