So after years of letting it fall by the wayside, I’ve finally got back into reading. As a child I loved discovering new books, but as I got older other hobbies and eventually life and jobs got in the way and I fell out of touch with reading.

When I went on holiday I was ready to just plug myself into my phone and listen to Spotify while soaking up the rays, when my friend handed me a book she had finished reading. I popped it in my handbag, and didn’t think anything of it while I jammed to JB.

However after dropping my phone down the loo (twice) I was left technology free with only this book to accompany my sunbathing. And it was such a blessing in disguise! I was sucked straight in, finished the book in a day and now cannot wait to discover some new treasures!

I’ll be sharing and reviewing my latest reads on the Book Club page of this blog, and would welcome any recommendations! I’m not going to go into too much detail with regards to the plotlines (as I despise spoilers) but hopefully will be able to point you in the direction or what (and what not!) to read!

Katie xx

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