I LOVE Instagram. It’s a great way to share moments, memories, outfits and even little things like your morning coffee with a quick snap. Until now I haven’t thought about branding or theming my Instagram feed – if I like something, I’ll post it!

Some people are very strict with their feeds, for example only using black and white pictures, using the same filter each time or making sure each picture has a uniform colour or shade.

Here are my Pros and Cons of themed Instagrams:


  • There’s no denying that themed Instagrams look GREAT. They are sleek, uniform and professional-looking
  • Having a themed Instagram is a great way to build and emphasise your brand; whether they be clean and bright lifestyle feeds, feeds to advertise your product or business, or pink girly feeds to name a few.


  • Having a themed feed does mean you need to be disciplined with what you post. You could use other Social Media outlets to post images that don’t fit into your theme, but this does restrict the freedom and spontaneity of Instagram.
  • You need to keep on top of your feed and delete images that don’t ‘fit’, meaning you could be deleting some memories and inspiration for your followers.

I don’t think I’ll be taking on an Instagram theme yet. To make my feed look more neat and tidy I’ll make sure each image is cropped into a uniform square, however I love taking pictures and don’t want to limit myself to certain colours, content or styles just yet!

What are your thoughts on Instagram themes?

Katie Scarlett xx

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