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Happy (belated) New Year everyone!!

2015 was a rollercoaster of a year, but now I’m settled in a new home and new job I’m determined to make 2016 the best it can be!

I’m not normally one for New Year’s Resolutions (I can never keep them!) but figured this year if I write them down in a public domain I’d have more of an incentive to make them happen.

So here goes!

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I have always loved reading, but honestly cannot remember the last time I sat down and took the time to read a good book. My life has become an endless stream of watching episodes of Big Bang Theory on repeat, so this year I want to make a real effort to widen my knowledge and invest time in reading and learning.

Blog more, blog better

The first anniversary of Katie Scarlett is creeping up! In the beginning I didn’t know what direction I wanted my blog to take, I just wanted to write about anything and everything! But this year I want to make sure I post regularly and invest as much time and energy in my posts as I can.

Stress less

For want of a better phrase, I have always been quite ‘highly strung’. This year I was to redirect the energy I would ordinarily invest in stressing and worrying about things into being positive and productive – which is probably easier said than done – so if anyone has any stress-busting techniques I’d love to hear them!

I’d love to hear your plans, goals and inspiration for the New Year!

Katie Scarlett xx


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