Another from this week’s LUSH haul!

I’m a sucker for a bubble bath – the bubblier the better! I’m not a huge fan of the LUSH bath bombs, which tend to just change the colour of the water, but was excited to try this pretty festive bubble wand!

The Snow Fairy Reusable Bubble Bar Wand is about as girly as it gets, so is right up my street! It’s pretty pink and sparkly, and has a sweet bubblegum scent – which is normally a fragrance I hate, but LUSH have got the balance just right!

To use, you hold the wand under running water, and the bar creates a beautiful, pink, shimmery bath with plenty of bubbles! The wand can then be set aside to use next time, and I reckon you’ll get at least 5 baths out of each wand (I’ll update once it’s used up so you know exactly how many pretty pink baths to expect!)

The wands are £5.25 each, so will be perfect little stocking fillers!

Full product info can be found here.

Katie Scarlett xx


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