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I read this lovely article on the BBC website yesterday about the Danish concept of Hygge. It has no direct translation into English, but Googling the word and discovering everyone’s different interpretations is really interesting!

In general terms, Hygge is all about happiness and togetherness – taking time for yourself and your loved ones in a cosy, homely setting. And Autumn is the perfect season to start embracing this! As the days get shorter and colder, I’ll definitely be getting into hibernation mode, and snuggling up at home with friends, family, good food and good conversation for my own little piece of Hygge.

Even the tiniest thing – such as lighting a few candles at the dinner table – can create a Hyggeligt atmosphere, and really give you an extra boost.

I’d love to hear what Hygge means to all of you!

Katie Scarlett xx


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  1. Marie
    October 4, 2015 / 9:00 pm

    I also came across Hygge on the bbc news website, and I also googled it- finding this blog.

    It is something I certainly need to incorporate into my life! after finishing work and Uni, having a rushed dinner and clean up with the kids I often cannot feel relaxed by bedtime.
    With a small child who can work an iPad no problem,a teenage daughter who is ‘glued’ to her iPhone (and a partner for that matter), it’s clear to see I will have a future family of hunchbacks as heads are facing down, and repetive strain injury to their thumbs. However, I am just as bad!
    As, in our spare time we are interacting with others online and paying no attention to one another it saddens me.
    I want to feel relaxed and I am going to take a leaf from the Danes.
    Just simple things like getting up earlier to have relaxed breakfast together around the table, instead of rushing around in the morning- sometimes resulting in the kids eating toast on the way to school..
    A decade ago when it was just me and my three year old daughter I actually feel we experienced Hygge. We would watch children’s tv together before bed, read together. We would get excited when it rained and put on wellies to go outside and splash in puddles, walk in the rustling autumn leaves and watch the squirrels and birds in the park. These simple little thing in life that brought us joy, were free and made us happy. But now, as life has become more rushed it’s difficult to slow down and take in the small pleasures of life.
    I am aiming to make the time to change,to do the small things in life to enhance our wellbeing, do de-stress us, and to make us happier.
    My partner has just comeback from Denmark on business and told me the majority ride bikes as their mode of transport, with ‘bike parks’ everywhere. No wonder they are happier as they are exercising and getting fresh air everyday, and they can take the time to appreciate the outdoors as they are closer to nature and not confined to the tiny space in a car.

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