I am absolutely obsessed with No7 Gel Look Shine polishes at the moment! They have featured in a number of my previous posts, but if you haven’t already been introduced to them they are a fab range of very reasonable priced polishes from Boots. They have a great formula that is lovely and smooth when applying (giving the gel-look finish) and dries super quickly, which is great for someone like me who is really impatient and tends to smudge polish and not leave it long enough to dry! The opaque finish of the formulas means you only need to apply 2 coats (and sometimes you can get away with just one!) making changing up your nail colour an absolute breeze!

They come in at £7 each – much less than some of the premium polishes – and are even cheaper if you have a Boots No7 voucher handy (which you will be given 9 times out of 10 when doing a Boots shop!) With the voucher they are only £4, so you can buy as many as you like without having shopper’s guilt!

The only downside to these polishes is after a while they do start to get a bit gloopy, and once this happens they are a nightmare to apply and need to be binned. But at £4 a pop, it’s no big deal to replace them ☺️.

Here are my favourite colours from the range for summer!

1. Orange Spice

This gorgeous burnt orange colour is my nail polish of choice at the moment! It’s so much easier to wear than the brighter, more fluorescent oranges, and this particular colour is one that only requires one coat for an even, opaque finish! I love it!

2. Sweet Lilac

This was the very first colour I bought from this range back in Spring. I am still loving Spring Pastels, and this colour goes great with the mints and yellows I am wearing at the moment.  It’s looks so pretty on, and has received loads of compliments!

3. Hotting Up

I think it’s always essential to have a classic red shade in your nail polish collection. I’m not a huge fan of red-reds, but I love the pinky-raspberry hue of this polish! It makes it that little bit more girly and feminine, and that little bit more summery!

4. Mint Treat

Those of you that have read my previous posts will know that I’m a bit of a colour-coordination nut, and this shade was purchased as it perfectly matched the teal accents in my living room…🙈. I never normally wear colours like this on my nails, and for a long time stuck to the classic reds, pinks and nudes, but this year I’ve decided to be more adventurous with my colours and this is one of my favourite new shades! I’d say it’s definitely more of a teal than a mint, and again only needs one coat so is great for a last minute nail revamp if you’re short on time!

5. Summer Holiday


This bright hot pink shade really is perfect for summer holiday nails! I purchased this when I popped into Boots to replace the coral shade I had been using previously, but I think I actually prefer this shade! It’s super girly – like a grown-up Barbie pink – and adds a summery pop to any outfit!

6. Bluebell


My final summer favourite is another colour that I would never normally wear, but I absolutely love it! It’s a soft, pastelly periwinkle blue – like our lovely bridesmaids dresses! – and has again received loads of compliments!

What are your favourite summer nail colours?

Katie Scarlett xx


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