I am absolutely blown away by this little product…my Birchbox pals rave reviews were definitely justified!

After washing my hair yesterday I popped 5-6 drops of this onto my hands (I thought I’d double the recommended amount as I have lots of hair) and worked it through my damp hair from the roots to the tips. Doubling the dosage was totally unnecessary, and I am shocked how far a couple of drops of this liquid goes!

I then ran through my hair with a comb to make sure all of the oil was evenly distributed, and then blow-dried my hair. I have really long, thick, wavy hair so always always have to straighten after blow-drying, and as my hair is so dry there’s always quite a bit of frizz going on when it’s freshly washed…UNTIL NOW! My hair was silky smooth and frizz free after blow-drying, so there was no need to straighten whatsoever! I normally hate washing my hair, as drying and styling is normally such a long process, but this definitely changes things!

Most of the reviews have also raved about the fact that this oil also makes your locks smell lush and vanilla-y…I might be missing something here, but my hair definitely just smells like hair! Overall though I am SO impressed with this little product. And considering how little you need to use each time, there were 2 samples included in the Birchbox which will last aaages! I’m also considering investing in the full-size product, which comes in at a very reasonable £16.

What’s your favourite sample from this month’s Birchbox?

Katie Scarlett xx


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