I’ve been looking for a new foundation for a while, and have wanted to be a bit more adventurous with my lip colour! My hair colour makes reds a no-go, and as I’m ghostly pale there’s a lot of bright colours that simply do not work with my skin tone.

SO, I thought this would be a perfect excuse for a makeover! I’ve been so impressed with the Boots No.7 skincare range, I figured I’d give the makeup a go too, and here are the results!

I booked myself in for a consultation, and first of all the consultant scanned my skin on my face and neck to find my foundation colour. I have sworn by the Estée Lauder Double Wear foundation for about 5 years, and I love its coverage and staying power but I am yet to find the perfect shade. The No.7 foundations are also half the price of my trusty Estée Lauder, so if the results were good I’d also save a small fortune!

Once we’d found my shade I got one of these nifty little cards, which tells you which lip colours compliment your skin tone:

As I like my foundation to have a good coverage and staying power, we opted for the Stay Perfect foundation. The consultant applied the foundation more sparingly than I would have, but unlike some foundations this one is really buildable so after 2 coats the coverage was great! And the colour match was perfect, there was no line where the foundation blended into my neck (which was always a problem with the slightly-too-dark Double Wear!)

There is also a range of concealers that matches perfectly with the foundation shades. I have been using a Rimmel concealer crayon, however the No.7 Instant Radiance Under Eye Concealer feels much more luxurious! It’s a liquid concealer with a built-in brush applicator that you can literally paint over your blemishes, or to top-up over your foundation. I was so impressed with the combination of the two!

I was less impressed with the eye products, and re-did my eyes when I got home. The eyeshadow – we used the No.7 ‘In The Navy’ trio – was pretty weak, and even when the consultant applied a number of layers the colours were barely noticeable.

I was also looking for a new eyeliner after the MaxFactor gel liner I had been using had been discontinued. The consultant used the No.7 Stay Perfect Felt Eyeliner in Black, but it came out more of a watery grey, and didn’t stay at all in the inner corners of my eye. Not impressed at all with either of these products.

The shimmery blusher – Shimmer Rose Palette – was nice, and would be great for dressy events and weddings but was a little too much for everyday makeup.

And finally, for my lips I decided to go totally outside my comfort zone with a bright pinky red – Stay Perfect Lipstick in Raspberry Silk. I think this is about as close to classic red that I can get without clashing with my hair, and I absolutely love it! We applied it at 3pm, and it was still absolutely perfect at 2am after dinner and a few too many drinkies without needing to reapply once!

All in all, a very successful session! And I didn’t feel pressured by the consultants to buy any of the products, but the foundation, concealer and lipstick I am definitely very happy with!!

Katie Scarlett xx



  1. May 11, 2015 / 12:36 am

    You look gorgeous. And your hair is so enviable.

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