Anyone with a Next Directory Account will know the perils of the VIP Sale. A week before the sale, you get an invite asking you to book a sale slot, and a link to preview the items that will be available. You book yourself straight onto the earliest possible slot, and then make THE LIST.  This list always consists of anything that even slightly tickles your fancy. And before long you’ll find something you’ve been having an internal debate with yourself over buying for aaages, but now it’s in the sale you MUST have it!

Your list grows, and as you count the days down to Sale Day you start rearranging your home in your head to accommodate your new purchases, and have visions have all the occasions at which you can show off your new wardrobe!

Sale Day arrives, and you count down the minutes until your slot begins! Practically bursting with excitement, you log in to the Next website, and…EVERYTHING’S GONE. What was 30 pages of goodies is down to 5, and you scrape through the leftovers, popping things you don’t even want into your shopping basket to ease the disappointment.

That was my Next Sale ritual…UNTIL TODAY!! I caught my invitation email as soon as it pinged into my inbox, made my list, logged on at 5pm today and EVERYTHING was still there!! Needless to say I got a little overexcited and within 10 minutes my online shopping basket was £500 heavier..!

This time I had the luxury of going through my basket and choosing what I actually wanted, and I am so happy with all of my purchases! I’ve had my eye on the little tables and lamp especially for a while, and now they’re mine for half the price! #winning

To celebrate – and if you’d like to get involved too! – my lovely readers can get £20 off their first order if you sign up for an account! Simply send an email with the subject ‘Next Please!’ to 😊

Katie Scarlett xx


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