Spring is well and truly in the air!! With a number of weddings, hen parties, bridesmaid and maid-of-honour duties  coming up for me over the next few months, it’s safe to say that weddings are definitely on my mind!

I’m loving helping my friends find ideas and inspiration for their big days, and my Pinterest is littered with gorgeous pictures and themes I have come across. Here are some of my favourites for a stunning Spring wedding!

1. Pastel Colour Palettes

Pastel colour palettes are ideal for this time of year! The pale shades create a lovely contrast to the dark colours everyone has been used to throughout winter, and complement all the changes in nature happening throughout Spring – lighter and longer days, flowers blooming, leaves on the trees and new life emerging all around!

2. Decorations

Light and whimsical decorations will complement a pastel colour palette beautifully! Paper lanterns and poms poms are a fab – and cheap! – way to add colour and character to a venue. Ribbons and bunting are perfect to add a little vintage touch to proceedings. And I don’t think any wedding would be complete without fairy lights!

3.  Bridesmaid Dresses

I mentioned in my post Brighton and Bridesmaids that it is nigh on impossible to find one dress that will suit every one one of your bridesmaids. We’ve opted for different styles, but all in the same periwinkle blue, which looks so much more individual and interesting than having all 6 bridesmaids in the exact same dress. Why not take this a step further by having each of your bridesmaids in a different pastel shade?! That way, everyone’s unique style, size and colouring can be complemented, and as you can see from these pictures the overall effect is stunning!

6. Flowers

Flowers are such a personal thing, and everyone has totally different tastes. Sticking with the pastel theme, here are some of my favourite colour combinations.

Assorted wildflowers are a really sweet and cost-effective option for a Spring wedding, and every arrangement will be different! For a vintage spin, try displaying your flowers in mismatched jam jars!

You can also add a splash of colour by filling your jam jars. Here this has been done with halved lemons, which is something I’d never think of, but I love the effect!

In keeping with the Spring theme, bird cages are also a fantastic way to display your flower arrangements. These can be as elaborate or simple as you like, either way the effect is stunning!

5. Cake!

All of these cakes are very different, but are each brilliant in their own way!

For a contemporary twist on the Spring theme, why not team florals with metallic accents, as can be seen in this first cake?

Or for a more traditional alternative, floral decorations on a plain white tiered cake is very effective.

A simple but effective alternative if you’re on a budget can be found in this stunning ombré cake, which can be adapted to suit your colour scheme or theme.

6. Finishing Touches

And finally here are a few finishing touches to complete your Springtime nuptials!

I absolutely ADORE the idea of presenting the rings in a little birds nest! Birdsong is an integral part of Spring (think Bambi and ‘twitterpated‘) and this idea is on theme, as well as being totally unique and original!

It wouldn’t be Spring without flowers, but have you thought of tying this into your wedding refreshments?! Little twists like lavender lemonade would complement the Spring theme beautifully.

I have always had a thing for bunting, and how cute is this mini table variety?! It could be used for table names and numbers, place settings, anything! And it’s super cute to boot!

Finally, why not add an elegant floral touch to your aisle with flower petals? Or use these instead of confetti?

For all of my favourite Spring wedding ideas, have a little gander at my Pinterest board ☺️

Katie Scarlett xx


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