Today’s Try Something New was the slightly more terrifying climbing! Sam and I popped to the Foundry Climbing Centre tonight for our first session…It was absolutely rammed with loads of people doing all sorts of crazy stuff, which created an ace atmosphere!

They threw us straight in the deep end – setting up our own ropes and belaying each other (essentially putting our lives in our own hands!) I was pleasantly surprised with how quickly I picked up the climbing upwards lark, until I reached the top and then had to look down…I never thought I was scared of heights but I might be mistaken..! It was also quickly established that I was too tiny to belay Sam, and had to be tied down to this weight bag which must have been about 5 times my body weight. However it definitely served it’s purpose as I found myself dangling off the floor on a number of occasions!It was really hard work, but amazing fun and so different to anything I normally do! We’re both shattered, but excited to pick up where we left off next week!

If you’ve got any recommendations for the next Try Something New do let me know, I’d love to hear your ideas ☺️

And if you fancy trying this yourself and think fast, there is currently a deal on LivingSocial which makes the 4-week Introductory Climbing Course half price!

Spiderwoman, over and out xx


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